Install, Service, and Repair

JTE Solar takes the utmost care in designing and installing your solar energy system, and that’s why we offer repair and maintenance services to our customers. Our experienced electricians and energy experts are here to keep your HPV system in tip-top shape.

While your solar panels may not need much upkeep—just some light cleaning now and then—you don’t want to let just anyone work on them when they require service. Our team makes sure your whole system is well maintained and cared for from install onward.

In addition to saving you money on repairs, our maintenance program can also help you take advantage of the 30% tax credit for homeowners on solar installation costs. By ensuring that your solar energy system is running efficiently, you can maximize the financial benefits of going solar.

Whether you’re a new customer in need of an entirely new setup or an existing customer in need of some technical support for your system, JTE Solar has you covered. You can start enjoying the many benefits of solar energy and take advantage of the 30% solar tax credit for homeowners on solar installation costs and save money upfront by getting pre-approved for solar energy. Contact us today at 615-972-5532, or fill out our contact form, and we’ll make sure you and your solar energy system are taken care of.