Customized Home Energy Design

With so many new products and home power solutions on the market today, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need for your home. Simply wanting to switch to solar power can open the door to a lot of questions. And sometimes, seeking out the answers can lead to more confusion than understanding.

Home Power Solutions

Most people just think about the solar panels when they’re asked about solar power. They don’t realize the endless possibilities when it comes to creating a home power solution that could effectively end their reliance on standard electricity and utilities. JTE Solar takes the time to listen to our clients before developing a home energy design plan incorporating solar panel design, home backup batteries, solar battery backup, and more to ensure their power needs are met no matter what comes their way.

JTE Solar

At JTE Solar, our experienced electricians custom design solar power systems that are efficient and cost-effective for your home or office. Solar saves you money on monthly energy bills, and with the 30% tax credit for homeowners on solar installation costs, you’ll enjoy even more savings! Plus, with solar financing, you can get pre-approved for less money upfront and still take advantage of the 30% tax credit! 

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