Switching to solar is no small investment, and numerous variables can contribute to a wide range of estimations. The general estimated cost of solar installation and storage up front is in the range of $32,000 – $70,000 before any sales tax exemptions or federal tax credits.

What Tax Incentives are Available for Solar Installs?

Tennessee does not charge sales taxes on Solar Panel installation and federal tax credits are available on Solar Panel Installation up to 30% of costs. Even though the cost of solar installation and storage up front ranges from $32,000 – $70,000 before sales tax and federal credits, you can pay thousands less.

How Much Money Do I Save With Solar?

While the cost of switching is a significant expense upfront, the amount it will save you over its lifetime is worth it. You’re dependent on the power grid with traditional energy, renting your electricity from your utility company. With solar power, you’ll own your energy, keeping your lights on and your family safe, no matter what.

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