Why Go Solar in Franklin

Congress increased the current federal solar investment tax credit to 30% starting in 2023 and can save you upwards of $20,000 off the up-front costs of a complete solar and battery backup install. In addition to the solar tax credit, the price of a solar power system is exempt from all state sales tax (6.25% – 8.25%) in Tennessee.

To truly maximize the return on your investment, we would all need the state legislature to reinstate net metering. This would require utility companies to pay you for your solar energy surplus at retail rates. Until then, be sure to sign up for TVA’s Dispersed Power Program, which is essentially the same thing, just not at the same retail reimbursement rate.

Franklin Solar Installation

Franklin’s most experienced solar specialized electrician group is ready to find the best energy solution for your home. Whether you’re just looking to have a backup option in case of emergencies or plan on going off-grid completely, we can create a home energy design that fits your needs and budget. With solar panels, home battery backups, solar battery backups, generators, and any combination of the bunch, our technicians can help reduce your dependency on Franklin utilities.

Go Solar in Franklin

Now that you know the benefits of incorporating solar into your home energy design, all that’s left is making that first step. Fill out this form for more information or give us a call if you’re ready to get started now. Owning your power is closer than you ever thought possible.