Not a New Concept

Going solar isn’t a new concept, but neither are we. Nashville’s most experienced specialized electrician’s group has been around since 2017. JTE Solar is ready to find the best solar energy solution for your home in the Nashville area. Solar may not be a new concept, but breakthroughs in technology and the mass market production of equipment make it more attainable than ever.

Nashville Solar Incentives

The only real negative of going solar in Tennessee is that the state doesn’t enforce net metering. This would compel the utility companies to pay you for any solar energy surplus you accumulate. However, TVA has started a new Dispersed Power Program that is basically the same thing, just not likely to be reimbursed at full retail rates.

Additionally, a sales tax exemption of 6.25% – 8.25% and an increased federal solar tax credit of 30% is available to offset up-front costs, possibly reducing costs by thousands.

Getting Started

The technicians behind JTE Solar have been handling all types of electricity for several years. They’re ready for you to trust them with your Nashville solar installation needs whenever you are. Give us a call at 615-972-5532 or fill out this form for more information.