Ford and Sunrun Tech Support Choose JTE Solar

With more and more people choosing to drive greener cars, the need for reliable EV chargers is greater than ever before. Installing an EV charger in your home or business with JTE Solar is a great way to enjoy all the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

JTE Solar is the only partner of Ford in Tennessee for the F150 Lightning charger installation, as well as Sunrun tech support for troubleshooting and repair. As the only company to install it and have Ford’s support, you know that with JTE Solar, you get experience and quality you can trust.

EV Charger For Your Home or Business

EV chargers are an excellent investment for homeowners and businesses. The benefits of installing an EV charger are not limited to just one type of location or user; they have many uses in different settings.

Installing a home EV charger allows easy access to charge your electric vehicle from the comfort of your driveway or garage. It eliminates the need to drive around looking for public chargers or paying expensive fuel costs. With government incentives available for installation and a reduction in energy bills over time, the potential for savings is immense. Plus, there’s the added benefit of increasing the value of your home.

Your business can also benefit from offering employees public and private charging stations. By providing this service, your company can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits from those who enjoy the ability to recharge their vehicles while completing errands or enjoying entertainment. As a result, it could lead to additional revenue streams if customers pay for services like faster charging options or priority parking spaces near the station.

Improved convenience and efficiency are not the only perks of EV charging at home or your business. State and federal tax credits and incentives can reduce the cost of equipment and installation. Plus, with solar energy, the savings keep adding up!

Is It Cheaper To Charge My EV At Home?

Many people wonder if charging their electric vehicles at home is cheaper than going out and paying for public charging stations. The answer is yes. In most cases, installing an EV charger in your house will be much cheaper than using public charging stations.

The cost of setting up a home charger depends on several factors, like the type and size of car you have, the distance between your house and where you usually drive, and how often you plan to use your vehicle. Generally speaking, most EVs can charge with just a 120V outlet which will only cost around $300-400 upfront, plus installation fees, making installing an EV charger relatively affordable compared to traditional gas cars that require more frequent trips to the pump.

When considering whether or not this investment is worth it, remember that Tennessee offers rebates and incentives for installing a residential EV charger and the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Also, by charging before any long drives, homeowners may save money by supplementing fewer trips to public chargers with the ones installed in their homes. These savings may be significant if your home has solar energy!

Why Should A Business Install EV Chargers?

Installing EV chargers is attractive for businesses looking to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not only are charging stations becoming increasingly popular, but they also bring significant benefits to any company that installs them:

  • Increased foot traffic – Installing an EV charger at your store or restaurant can attract more customers who own electric vehicles. The convenience of charging while they shop, eat a meal or take care of other errands.
  • Positive publicity – Installing an EV charger at your business sends a strong message about your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This positive PR can help build customer trust and brand recognition.
  • Cost savings – Businesses with charging stations tend to enjoy greater customer loyalty than those without such amenities, meaning fewer costs associated with advertising and marketing efforts to draw people.

The installation of EV chargers offers numerous advantages, making it worth considering as part of your long-term strategy for success. In addition, customers’ extra time waiting at the station allows them to discover what else the business offers, creating even more potential benefits over time.

Scheduling EV Charger Installation

JTE Solar can help you find the perfect EV charger to meet your needs and budget. Our team of experts will take care of the installation process and even help you with financing options.

With features like timers and remote access, your EV charger will be easy to use and control from anywhere. So don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the convenience of EV charging. Contact JTE Solar today and get your EV charging station up and running in no time!